Fresh off the boat in Denmark, Etienne Terblanche, our intrepid founder, looked around and saw a nation brimming with talent and innovation, a country with so much to offer the wider world, and so much to gain from it.

But soon a hobgoblin reared its ugly head. Content across the land totally overlooked the global giant that is the English language.

So, with a passion for persuasive copywriting, he launched his campaign to end the Danish dependence on poorly written copy and Google Translate.

Danish companies, organisations and institutions needed copywriting for global reach. Denmarket was born, the doors to the English-speaking market flung open, and the rest, as they say, is history…



The internet has created unparalleled opportunities for content marketing, and companies who can captivate and motivate their readers with razor-sharp, awe-inspiring copy have soared to incredible heights.

But with the good came the bad, and the incredibly incompetent.

The copywriting industry is inundated with fly-by-night operations and neophytes who produce lifeless, generic content that struggles to engage and fails to persuade.

Etienne’s ambitious goal is to eliminate as much ineffective content as he can, replacing it with words that earn their keep as the driving force behind a clear, carefully crafted and inspired strategy.

Fascinated by the power of words to influence human behaviour, he is always looking for ways to make them more absorbing, more memorable and more compelling.

He draws deeply from a decade in the industry, during which he wrote for top South African publications spanning everything from travel and conservation to trade and investment, as well as blue-chip multi-national companies like BP.

Early in his career, after studying copywriting at the AAA School of Advertising, he worked as a copywriter for a small but dynamic advertising and marketing agency in Cape Town, where he was quickly assigned to key accounts.

Learning the ropes of real-world copywriting, but always hungry for more knowledge and insight about how words work their magic, he went on to study communication science and psychology at the University of South Africa.

After a sabbatical during which he obtained a highly respected RYA Yachtmaster qualification, sailed around the world, and then produced a technical book on navigation and seamanship, he settled in Denmark to start a family and resume his passion for crafting perfect copy for his clients.

At Denmarket he works with an all-star team of the very best freelance copywriters and editors from around the world.