Case Study

After a series of devastating wildfires coupled with an increase in motorists over the holiday period, the tortoise population of the Western Cape had sustained a severe blow. In response, CapeNature launched a conservation campaign to raise awareness and help ensure the survival of critically endangered species.

I was tasked with producing the campaign booklet and came up with the concept of a field guide to tortoise awareness. After consulting with researchers and scientists at the organisation, I got to work writing the content, including fascinating facts about species diversity and habitat, physiology and breeding, as well as an individual description of all the species found in the region to aid with identification and reporting.

Other projects I have completed for CapeNature include commercial radio scripts, magazine ads, press releases, website and newsletter content, the video script for their corporate value statement, and a comprehensive travel guidebook for their 24 nature reserves.


CapeNature is a public institution with the statutory responsibility for biodiversity conservation in the Western Cape of South Africa. It is mandated to promote and ensure nature conservation, render services and provide facilities for research and training, and generate income.

CapeNature is driven by the vision of “conserving nature for a sustainable future” and it achieves this through various programmes and projects, including community-based natural resource management and local economic development, environmental crime investigation, fire and wildlife management, stewardship and ecotourism development.

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