Today’s audiences demand custom-made content that is consistent with the tone and values of your brand. I have developed a simple, proven process that is easy to replicate and adjust, producing superlative content and securing positive returns for my clients, large and small alike. Here’s how I set about making that happen:

THE BRIEF: The first step is perhaps the most important on our journey together. It is your chance to tell me everything I need to know about your business, your brand and the project you have in mind. If you are not sure how to properly brief a copywriter, don’t worry. I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire that is easy to understand and designed with your needs in mind. If anything is not clear, we can arrange for a face-to-face meeting or video call to explore how I can best help you.

THE AUDIT: This is where I dive into your current marketing content, reviewing and evaluating word by word to identify where improvements can be made and extract any hidden gems I can polish. In many cases, I will also conduct research and make an assessment of competitor content strategies.

THE STRATEGY: Time to hash out the nitty-gritty. I unleash my creative talents, carefully crafting a content strategy full of inspired ideas that will take your brand to the next level. I clarify with meticulous attention to detail precisely who the target audience is, what message they need to receive, and how it will benefit your business. Once I feel confident that I’ve hit the nail on the head, I’ll present my plan of action to you for approval.

THE CONTENT: Copywriting in progress! I get to work creating each piece of content to your exact requirements, dedicating myself to your project until it is an unquestionable success. You will receive regular progress updates, followed by an initial content draft, including comments relating to the rationale behind the copy.

THE EDIT: I encourage and value honest, clear-cut feedback from all my clients. You tell me what’s not working and why. I amend, adapt, tweak and fine-tune as required. Feel free to be as fussy as you want, because I want each piece to be perfect, and will make as many amendments as you need. During this process of rigorous editorial review, I rapidly make revisions, incorporating your changes, checking spelling and grammar, and assessing the content for consistency in style and tone, keeping it in line with your message and brand.

THE PROOFREAD: Once you are 100% satisfied with your content, I give it a final punctilious proofreading to root out any pesky typos that might have escaped detection.

THE DELIVERY: When I am sure your content is absolutely flawless and polished to perfection, I submit the final version to you to sign off. Each piece of content will be sent directly to your inbox. For large projects that have many moving parts, I am happy to submit your content in batches for easy processing. A few things always remain the same: your final copy is on time, on budget, on brand and ready for publication.

THE FINAL CHECK: While I don’t usually handle uploads or layouts, I am happy to spot-check the content for you one last time once your designers have done their bit – just to make sure it is displaying perfectly.

That’s the Denmarket difference!