As a copywriter, I aim to charge rates that reflect the value my services offer. After all, it’s what allows me to do what I do best: grab attention, raise awareness and drive sales for your brand.

As a prospective client, consider the value to your business of finding an additional customer, increasing sales by a few percent or perhaps unlocking a market segment you never even thought existed.

And I’m not just brilliant at giving your bottom line a boost. I shift perceptions, spread messages and compel people to act. What would these changes be worth to your organisation?

At Denmarket, I structure my pricing in various ways, depending on your needs, including by the project and by the hour. I also have a retainer structure for clients who want fast, reliable and ongoing support.

Generally, my quotes are based on the hourly rate given above, which excludes VAT. Depending on your needs and the agreed scope of the project, I gauge the time required, taking into consideration the relevant factors listed below, do a little multiplication and voilà.

As a rule, I will only charge you for the hours worked on your project and I will never charge you more than the amount quoted without first notifying you.


BRIEFING: I may need to help you develop the brief before work can begin, but in most cases the questionnaire I supply will enable you to provide me with a clear, properly fleshed-out copywriting brief.

PLANNING AND STRATEGY: The project may need to be carefully planned before writing begins. A website might need to be structured before content can be developed. An ad campaign might need its strategy to be clarified before creative work can start.

CREATIVITY: The project may require significant time to be spent developing creative ideas as well as writing. An advertising slogan or product name may not take long to write down but generating options and choosing the right one is a major undertaking.

COMPLEXITY: The subject may be highly technical or otherwise difficult to grasp, in which case more time needs to be allocated.

RELATIVE IMPORTANCE AND PROMINENCE: Some aspects of a project may require a higher level of input than others as the copy produced will receive more attention. The home page of a website may merit more effort than lower-level information pages.

AMENDMENTS, REVISIONS AND WORKING VERSIONS: Whether due to the nature of the topic, the number of people involved in the project, or other factors, sometimes an unusually high level of amendments may be required, or the content may be expected to go through many working versions before approval.

ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS: If I am required to generate two or more alternative versions, of which only one will be approved and used, I still need to factor in the time spent on the redundant copy.

RESEARCH: I am often required to obtain source material in order to complete writing projects, whether through interviews, online research or other methods, and the time spent on gathering this information needs to be factored in.

MEETINGS: The first one’s on me. I love to travel and meet my new or prospective clients face to face. As a result, I accept initial meetings as an overhead.

THIRD-PARTY LIAISON: Collaboration with other parties involved with the project, like designers and web developers, usually requires more time to be spent on exchanges and communication.

OTHER AUXILIARY TASKS AND UNUSUAL WORKING METHODS: I welcome projects that, within reason, require other tasks outside writing, such as image selection and uploading content, and will try to accommodate any unfamiliar working methods.

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