Feature Articles


Maybe you have a game-changing approach to leadership, or you developed a new technology that’s going to revolutionise the industry. Maybe you just do what you do with passion. You’re innovative, dedicated and the competition is way behind. You know people want to know what you do, how you do it, and why. A little free press could go a long way for you and your brand.

But planning and writing publish-ready articles in a second language you’re not all that comfortable with is a daunting and time-consuming process.


At this point, you start looking for an English ghost writer. Well, look no further. With extensive journalism experience under my belt, I will work with you to clarify your message and find your voice, producing articles that accurately reflect your point of view while standing the best possible chance of getting selected for publication.


You already have some way to get published, like a contact at a media house. Always a great start. I will ensure your piece is adapted to conform to their specific style guide and audience, grabbing maximum attention for your story.

You could pitch your story to editors of appropriate publications or partner with a publicist to get your story placed.

You purchase space in a publication. Okay, at this point it technically becomes an advertorial, but if you maintain an objective tone and editorial consistency, it is equally effective, and many readers will barely notice.

Whichever media strategy you choose to go for, you are sure to get positive publicity, raising your profile and redirecting readers to your website and social media channels.